Half-Life 3, The Movie?

Abrams and Newell Discuss Half Life Movie

J.J. Abrams and Gabe Newell spoke at a panel at DICE Summit in Last Vegas on Feb. 6th announcing they will collaborate on ideas to bring Half Life 3 to the big screen. The pair gave a brief join keynote, titled “Storytelling Across Platforms: Who Benefits Most, the Audience or the Player?” Abrams and Newell spoke about the strengths and weakness of both film and video games, and how the two platforms could be used together, combining their strengths and to learn from each other. At the end of the keynote they announced their plans to collaborate.

Half-Life 3 to be an Open World

Half-Life 3 Desert

The latest word floating around the Half-Life 3 rumor mill is that it will be an open world sandbox style game consisting of quests and non-playable characters. An anonymous source claims Half Life 3 started in the development phase a linear shooter, just like its predecessors, but the game was turned into an open world for you to explore and solve puzzles. The development of Half-Life 3 has been called “chaotic”, which the source points to for the delay.

Black Mesa Source is coming…

Black Mesa Half Life Mod

Half Life fans have something to hold them over while the wait for Half Life 3. On September 14th, the highly anticipated mod Black Mesa will be officially released. This will be a free mod and cost you nothing to play. This total conversion will not require Half Life: Source to play. As long as you have a working copy of a Source Engine game on Steam, Black Mesa will cost you nothing.

Proof: Source 2 and Half Life 3 is on Valve’s Mind

Source 2

Even though Valve has not made any official announcements about Half Life 3 or a new Source 2 engine it doesn’t mean we won’t see either. Just because they haven’t been talking about it, doesn’t mean development is not under way. Some keen developers over at ValveTime found some juicy bits of code that proves Source 2 and Half Life 3 is on the minds of Valve developers.

Valve on Valve Time

Valve Time

Many fans use the term ‘Valve Time’ in a negative way, as a way to say “Valve is taking their sweet time and will get to it when they feel like it.” How does Valve feel about this term?

Valve business development chief Jason Holtman told Eurogamer that Valve loves the Valve Time tag line. Holtman described Valve Time as “charming” and “kind of a compliment”. “We like it,” he continued.